[Marxism] Frapper

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 5 21:11:01 MST 2005

Yoshie just sent the list something about frapper, a way to share photos 
for a specified group. After she implemented it at MRzine, Doug Henwood did 
the same thing on LBO-Talk and 35 of his subscribers have already added 
their photos. I have just done the same thing for Marxmail and added my own 
photo. Frapper is interesting in that it organizes the photos by postal 
code so that on a list like Marxmail which has a worldwide scope you can 
really exploit this feature. You can access Marxmail's frapper either by 
going to the home page at www.marxmail.org and clicking the link at the 
bottom lefthand corner or going directly to: http://www.frappr.com/marxmail

Comrades might be aware that Les had come up with an idea similar to this a 
couple of years ago and we had intended to incorporate what we had on a new 
website that I have been working on for more months than I would have 
imagined. I am not a procrastinator by temperament so god knows why it has 
taken me so long. I guess I can blame it on the idiosyncrasies of CSS. In 
any case, at least on this particular matter, you won't have to let my 
feet-dragging get in the way of personalizing you to the Marxism list.

Join in!


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