[Marxism] re: Cockburn on the Guardian smear job on Chomsky

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Sat Nov 5 21:40:49 MST 2005

This is highly unfortunate. I'm surprised, actually, because I always 
figured Chomsky would have some recorders, if not videotape monitors, in 
his office. When I got to interview him I had this really crappy digital 
microphone that was mostly an MP3 player. It almost died on me before I 
could load the mp3 recording onto my computer. Anyway, because of its 
quality and Chomsky's voice - which he warned about beforehand - I 
couldn't make out a few lines here and there. I sent the transcribed 
text back to him to look over and he cleared up the parts I couldn't 
understand from his own memory, and I realized they were exactly what 
he'd said and what made most sense from my own (triggered) 
recollections. I was sure he had to have some kind of recording 
equipment set up on his office. That would for sure make impossible 
these pseudo-journalistic drive-byes. Guess it was just his amazing 
memory after all.

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