[Marxism] Spiked online update

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 6 07:37:59 MST 2005

Paddy wrote:

>There are the results of chemical control of disease - and it only natural 
>that concomitantly death-rates from cancer (and heart problems) have 
>increase - we all have to die and cause of death is always ascribed to 

Certain chemicals cause cancer. Period. 150 years ago For example, 150 
years ago Briitish scientists observed that chimney-sweeps would get cancer 
of the scrotum in numbers all out of proportion to the population. The same 
connections were made with people working on watches with radium dials. 
Occupational hazards such as these are non-controversial.

It is more difficult to establish the connections between broader 
environmental factors like pollutants in the air, earth or water. When 
women in New Jersey or Long Island get breast cancer all out of proportion 
to the rest of society, the chemical industry and the politicians that they 
fund claim that it is a coincidence. So does the awful Gina Kolata, a 
reporter for the NY Times, whose sister was the martyred environmentalist 
Judi Bari. Also, since scientists have never been able to isolate the exact 
series of changes that produce cancer in a laboratory, the issue of 
causation never is as clear-cut as it is with AIDS and unprotected sex, for 

Paddy has been making arguments along these lines for as long as he has 
been on the Marxism list going back to 1998. Since he has obviously arrived 
at these ideas on his own and on a purely intellectual basis, I don't get 
too worked up over that. On the other hand, the people at Spiked-online are 
a bunch of dirty whores. 

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