[Marxism] Re: Smearing Chomsky - The Guardian In The Gutter

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at virgin.net
Sun Nov 6 07:00:39 MST 2005

Non-UK list members should take into consideration the fact that the UK-published Guardian was one of the most virulent advocates both of attacks upon the ex-Yugoslavia and demonisation of Serbs during the Yugoslav collapse. Any chance to attack someone who stands aside from the received wisdon of Srebrenica -- that is, who challenges the idea that the Bosnian Serb army carried out an unprovoked attack on the town and killed 8000 Muslim men in an act of genocide -- will be taken up with alacrity by the paper's correspondents. Hence, the paper's correspondent leapt at the chance of attacking Chomsky.

Some years back, the Guardian actually ran an article by Jonah Goldhagen which considered that 'the Serbs' were a renegade nation who needed a severe whacking and re-education. I wrote to the paper saying that Goldhagen's rant, condemning a whole people, was highly reminiscent of Hitlerite national stereotyping -- my letter was never printed. 

The nasty side of this is that anyone who challenges the received wisdom over Srebrenica gets branded explicitly or implicitly as someone on the same level as a Holocaust denier, or at least trying to minimise the suffering of the Bosnian people (Bosnian Serbs seem to excluded from this definition of 'Bosnians'). Seeing that there are many questions about the Nazi Holocaust which still are legitimately debated -- such as the 'intentionalist'/'functionalist' question, the actual number of deaths: estimates of the Jews killed by the Nazis run from 4.5 to 6.2 million -- a discussion of the Srebrenica massacre is a valid matter. 

Paul F

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