[Marxism] Is Left Hook Dead? We Report, You Decide

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Sun Nov 6 20:24:26 MST 2005

Is Left Hook Dead? We Report, You Decide
Dear Left Hook Readers,

A week ago we marked our second anniversary and announced our
semi-annual fund drive, the proceeds of which help us keep fighting the
good fight.

But there’s one problem: in seven days, we have only received 9
donations for a total of $240. That’s far behind the rate needed to
achieve our November 31 goal of $2,500 - already significantly
downscaled from our last fund drive’s target goal.

At first we wondered whether an internet blackout had struck, or if Bush
had praised us on television and driven away all our readers. But none
of this happened. Which leaves us asking the question only you, our
readers, can answer: is Left Hook dead?

Without a serious surge in donations, we may have to shut down by
month’s end. This is not a matter of alarmism, folks, just plain truth:
as an independent political journal, we cannot survive without concrete
support from our readership. Our material appears freely, but it does
not freely appear: real people spend real time doing the writing,
editing, outreach, and design that makes Left Hook happen. And while
right-wing rags can count on corporations for funding, but we depend
upon – and serve - only you.

Broken down per hour of labor, our fund drive totals never meet even the
minimum wage - so we’re not exactly in this “for the money.” But we do
have to maintain some level of funding to keep this viable.

We started and stuck with this project for two years because we believe
in trying to move this country in a more humane direction “from the
bottom up” – through America’s youth. We know there are tens of
thousands of you who believe the same, because at least that many visit
this site. We also know you want to see a stronger leftist presence in
the media, in politics, and among youth – all of which we represent – to
counter growing conservative hegemony over our country. But none of this
will happen unless you help out and pitch in.

So please: don’t let Left Hook disappear. Make a donation today:


The Editors
Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam

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