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Sun Nov 6 22:23:58 MST 2005


*Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition*
Spreading Rampage in Country's Slums Is Rooted in Alienation and Abiding 
Government Neglect

By Molly Moore
Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, November 6, 2005; A01

LE BLANC-MESNIL, France, Nov. 5 -- Mohammed Rezzoug, caretaker of the 
municipal gymnasium and soccer field, knows far more about the youths 
hurling firebombs and torching cars on the streets of this Paris suburb 
than do the police officers and French intelligence agents struggling to 
nail the culprits.

He can identify most of the perpetrators. So can almost everyone else in 
the neighborhoods that have been attacked.

"They're my kids," said Rezzoug, a garrulous 45-year-old with thinning 
black hair and skin the color of a walnut.

While French politicians say the violence now circling and even entering 
the capital of France and spreading to towns across the country is the 
work of organized criminal gangs, the residents of Le Blanc-Mesnil know 
better. Many of the rioters grew up playing soccer on Rezzoug's field. 
They are the children of baggage handlers at nearby Charles de Gaulle 
International Airport and cleaners at the local schools.

"It's not a political revolution or a Muslim revolution," said Rezzoug. 
"There's a lot of rage. Through this burning, they're saying, 'I exist, 
I'm here.' "


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