[Marxism] (fwd from Hari Kumar) Spiked online update

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Nov 7 07:54:30 MST 2005


Hi: For what it is worth, I felt Louis' note was very interesting. 
I Suggest Paddy you might look at Pieter Sauer's work cited by New Scientist below:

In brief, Pieter looked at blood samples obtained from the human fetus - finding various chemical pollutants. Pieter is a very careful scientist - quite un-political - just the facts please type of guy.

Where I think Paddy might be taking umbrage slightly, is the imputation in the otherwise excellent article posted by Louis, that oncologists as a whole are venal and implicated in a cover-up. 

Life ain't like that. Most oncologists I know are just head down wading thru' daily work folks. The policy bureaucrats at the top - say NIH & FDA - are a different kettle of fish. 
Such distinctions are necessary and common-sense. 

Anyway - just my tuppence Paddy.


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