[Marxism] Marc Cooper backs rightist redistricting initiative

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 7 16:03:13 MST 2005

Yes On Prop 77 Thanks to Nancy

When I vote Tuesday in California’s special election, I will be voting Yes 
On Prop 77 – the redistricting reform proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger. 
I will vote NO on the other measures he is supporting.


Right-wing initiatives dominate California special election
By Andrea Peters
7 November 2005

When California voters go to the polls November 8 for the state’s special 
election, they will be confronted with a series of right-wing measures. The 
majority of the eight initiatives on the ballot are aimed at further 
eroding the living standards and democratic rights of working people. None 
of the initiatives that voters will be asked to decide on express the 
concerns and needs of ordinary people in California.

Four of the eight initiatives to be voted on are endorsed by Republican 
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. These include the Teacher Tenure Initiative 
(Proposition 74), the Union Paycheck Initiative (Proposition 75), the State 
Spending Cap Initiative (Proposition 76), and the Redistricting Initiative 
(Proposition 77). All of these so-called “reforms” represent an attack on 
the economic and political interests of the working class...

In order to make the Democratic-dominated political map of the state more 
favorable to Republican candidates, Schwarzenegger is pushing for the 
passage of Proposition 77. The Redistricting Initiative would transfer the 
drawing of state legislative and congressional districts from the State 
Assembly to a panel of retired federal judges appointed by the State Assembly.

The purpose of this measure is to break up the current gerrymandered system 
that has made most incumbent seats difficult to challenge. Despite being 
named by Schwarzenegger the Voter Empowerment Act, Proposition 77 has 
nothing to do with empowering voters. It is aimed at making it easier for 
the Republican right to gain political representation far out of proportion 
to its actual level of support within the population.

As a recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times by election watchdog Jamie 
Court noted, “Some of the nation’s leading conservative thinkers and 
strategists are seeking, through Schwarzenegger’s initiatives, to alter the 
balance of power between the right and left wings of California politics. 
Their hope is to turn California red in ’08 and pioneer a new gospel that 
can spread across the country.”

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