[Marxism] 'Minuteman' group threatens and tries to intimidate day laborers in Herndon, Va.

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 09:42:26 MST 2005

Fred thanks for posting this that's utterly disgusting.  This is a
case where direct action needs to be taken to physically stop these
right-wingers from carrying out their activities - unfortunately I
don't know if the actual day laborers are in a position to do this, it
maybe have to come from other groups, I don't know if there are large
left-wing immigrants organizations out there or anyone else who might
have the backbone to stand in the way of this.  Anyways I just wanted
to recommend a book to people on illegal immigrants:
Impossible Subjects : Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America
by Mae Ngai
This book covers illegal immigration to the U.S. over the past hundred
and fifty years or so starting with Chinese immigration and Chinese
exclusion...  I think illegal immigration should be analyzed from a
world systems perspective particularly when today we see immigrant
proletariats in advanced countries living in similar
political-economic contexts regardless of whether they are in France
or the U.S. or are Arab or Latino.  We are seeing the emergence of a
huge class of workers in the industrialized countries that have very
few formal rights and certainly aren't even promised the benefits of
"citizenship" or even the political right to sell their labor-power to
reproduce themselves.

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