[Marxism] Re Changing class strucutre of the US, increased weight of the middle class

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 15:51:00 MST 2005

Josh writes:
"The middle class plays a more and more central role in the
sections of the world economy that overlap with the political
boundaries of the core countries, because that's where the
intellectual labor now required to produce the constant capital
exists, as well as the intellectual labor required to manage capital."

I think you're on to something here. But this "middle class" needs to
be differentiated better.  It seems you're saying that this particular
form of social labor is different from the previous scientific (R&D)
labor which national capitals employed to renew their constant capital
under competitive pressure. So the nature of the accumulation process
has had to have changed, as you say. This is why I initially raised
the question of financialization; of its meaning today. I think we're
beyond Lenin's concept of finance capital, which basically was a
matter of which fraction of imperialist capital was in the driver's
seat, and also related to the question of monopoly and concentration.
Are we in an entirely new stage of imperialism? Can we really speak of
national capital no longer having validity? Obviously, this raises the
question of the nation-state. As you say, this is a matter for
discussion rather than heated polemics at this point. But a final note
(Not to cast any aspersion on this discussion but to add some salt):
The other day the WSWS basically said US autoworkers can go to the
devil because they haven't broken from the UAW, which along with the
enire AFL-CIO bears a good part of the guilt for the crimes of
American imperialism.
Bob M

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