[Marxism] Fwd: Kent State Veteran Discloses Murder of Iraqi Civilians and Detainee Abuse

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Read transcript of David Airhart's entire talk at
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"When I realized how over the top it was, was after An
Nasiriyah.  We were supposed to set up a perimeter
around the city. We were out of sand bags. We didn’t
have enough sand bags to protect our holes from small
arms fire and things like that. Conveniently, there
was a flour truck driver riding a truck down the
highway that was full of canvas flour bags. And sand
bags are made out of canvas, so this was perfect for
sand bags. We were ordered to open fire on this man -
just say, a working family man, and to use his flour
bags as sand bags. A lot of guys in my platoon opened
fire and the man was killed. And the individuals who
didn’t open fire on this man were ordered to remove
his body from the truck and throw it off in a ditch on
the side of the road into a ditch and throw some dirt
on top of it. And after that, I was an extreme, I
guess, sort of anti-war marine."

"Oftentimes if it was a very confusing situation and
the drivers of the vehicles would not understand what
we were saying when we told them to stop. And when
they wouldn’t stop, we were ordered to open fire on
these individuals. That happened on a daily basis. And
never once out of all these occasions were there any
weapons in these individual’s cars. Usually it was
full of family, a husband and a wife and children and
they would all be killed. This happened on a daily
basis. This was pretty hard to deal with after a
while. And people just started to shut down. Maybe
part of them wanted to pretend that they killed some
innocent little girl for some sort of good cause. But
we all know that’s not true."

David  Airhart, a Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq
War, Guantanamo and Afghanistan, is facing possible
expulsion from Kent State University for unfurling a
"Kent State 4 Peace" banner on the top of a rock
climbing  wall that military recruiters had erected on
campus. He was chased off the wall by recruiters and
grabbed by one and pulled away from the wall, yet
David was charged and fined by police for disorderly
conduct. He faces possible expulsion by Kent State
after a hearing scheduled for November 16, 2005 at the
university. He gave this talk at the 2005 Midwest
Socialism Conference, sponsored by the International
Socialist Organization, at the University of Illinois
at Chicago on November 5, 2005. 

"When I was in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba my unit’s job was
to transport the detainee’s coming from Afghanistan to
Cuba. We’d transport them on a school bus where we
removed all of the seats and all the prisoners would
be shoved in there like sardines. We were encouraged
to kick them in different sensitive areas like their
ribs and parts of their legs if they made the
slightest movement like maybe a movement of their
finger or they took too deep of a breath. We were
encouraged to use severe physical punishment to
prevent them from moving. But after a while it became
sort of a form of entertainment for a lot of marines
to sporadically kick some of these detainees for
entertainment purposes. And I started to realize I
think then that there are things go on in the military
aren’t quite as noble as our government tries to
portray. We did that for 4 months. There wasn’t a day
I was there there wasn’t some sort of prisoner beating
festivity going on."
David has received letters of support from leading
peace activists, veterans, students, professors and
writers. Read statements of support at
Write to us to add your statement to the list of

Sign an online petition to the Kent State
administration in support of David Airhart

Statements of Support

    * Anthony Arnove
    * Bonnie Weinstein
    * Brian Willson
    * Camilo Mejia
    * Carl Doerner
    * Charles Jenks
    * Charles T. Peterson
    * Cindy Sheehan
    * Dave Zirin
    * David Swanson
    * Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
    * Gilda Carbonaro
    * Hadas Thier, Justino Rodriguez and Nick Bergreen
of the City College 4
    * Howard Zinn
    * Jeffrey St. Clair
    * John Haberstroh
    * Kristin Anderson
    * Lindsey German for Stop the War Coalition (UK)
    * M. Junaid Alam
    * Michael Letwin, New York City Labor Against the
    * Michael Smith of "Berkeley 3"
    * Mitchel Cohen
    * Nagesh Rao
    * Nan Beckwith Thomasson
    * Nicole Robinson
    * Norman Solomon
    * Pablo Paredes
    * Phil Gasper
    * Rania Masri
    * Rebecca Sambol
    * Sally Bookwalter
    * Sally Shaw
    * Sheri Leafgren
    * Sherry Wolf
    * Stan Goff
    * Sunny Miller for Traprock Peace Center
    * Tariq Khan
    * Ward Reilly

 See also "Support Spreading for Counter-Recruitment
Protesters - Hands Off Dave" by Eric Ruder


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