[Marxism] Re tracking the evolution of former ex-leftists, why?

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 06:43:06 MST 2005

Louis wrote:
"Hitchens and Cooper were and are connected with the Nation Magazine, which
has a circulation of 184,296. It has an enormous influence on the left and
it is therefore incumbent on us to know what its contributors are writing,
especially when they are writing something harmful to the left."

I think this is the reason and a valid one. Notice there's less
tracking of Horowitz who is simply considered a hired gun of the Right
and more than a bit of a crank.
Hitchens once had his own national TV show and established a
siginificant following, and minor celebrity status among the broad
left in the US. While it's easy for those on this list to understand
the reasons why the Coopers and Hitchenses turn on the left, many
people in the broad left-liberal milieu are quite confused. I get
asked about Hitchens all the time--still!! That's why Amy Goodman now
keeps the Galloway-Hitchens debate posted on the Democracy show
website I suspect. When one watches that debate to the point where
Hitchens endorses the government's response to Katrina, and Galloway
responds, " So this is where we end up,,,you're a court jester" there
can be no questions left about the guy. Case closed-- Request for
official court jester status approved under condition that he stop
using the word, "comrades."

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