[Marxism] Spiked online update

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 9 08:47:27 MST 2005

>All a bit above my head - never heard of Hill and Knowlton before - what 
>connection had/has it with Furedi and spike on-line?

They cosponsor conferences with spiked-online on a regular basis:

Go to http://www.spiked-online.com/event/2004-01.htm and search for Hill 
and Knowlton.

>I don't really know much about Furedi - except that he writes, sometimes 
>amusing, articles in the AUT journal.

Most of the attacks on Furedi in the British press have been tainted by 
Guardian-style liberalism, which often represents his past opposition to 
NATO intervention in the Balkans as holocaust denial. In fact that is the 
best thing that LM ever did. Frankly, I think that Furedi usually hoists 
himself on his own petard. Here's what he wrote in the Kent sociology 
department newsletter some time back:

Tuesday: I am in a quiet state of agitation. The headlines are dominated by 
the outbreak of violence in the Middle East and no matter how hard I try, I 
cannot remember the name of the right-wing Israeli
politician, whose visit to the Muslim shrine (whose name I can also not 
recall), sparked the whole thing off.

"Wednesday: More violence in Israel. But things are looking up -- the 
debate on sex education is in the news. That's more my kind of issue. Now 
if only there was another nice controversy about something with a 
sociological edge.

"Thursday: I am feeling depressed. The violence in the Middle East 
dominates the news. The media have dropped the sex education debate."



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