[Marxism] A sectarian approach

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 9 14:33:51 MST 2005

>So these folks are building a socialist youth movement to work within
>the Bolivarian revolution and work to transform it into a full-fledged
>socialist revolution.
>I'm with Josh on this--how's this sectarian? If they were nay-saying
>the revolution based on lack of conformity with exactly what Trotsky
>said on page 126 of "Permanent Revolution," ok, THAT would be
>sectarian. But working in the Revolution to strengthen it? How is that
>a bad thing?

A revolutionary party is needed in Venezuela but it has to emerge out of 
the mass movement, not as a satellite of In Defense of Marxism, no matter 
how much they support Chavez. It has to resemble the FSLN or the FMLN, for 
example. I think that people have the Spartacist League or the Morenoites 
trying to liberate Nicaragua from the FSLN in mind when they hear the word 
sectarian. I would suggest that In Defense of Marxism has really not 
thought through the question of how to build a revolutionary party and is 
simply constructing organizations on the "vanguardist" model without trying 
to learn from the past. It is good that they are not trying to overthrow 
Chavez, but I doubt that is feasible with a youth group of 20 members.



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