[Marxism] A sectarian approach

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 9 14:56:14 MST 2005

The JSR is an organization that was set up in July 2005, the reason being
that there are in Venezuela, a number of revolutionary youth groups, mainly
based on a local or regional level, but none of them have managed to appear
as a point of reference in the youth movement on a national level and gather
together the vanguard in the universities, factories, etc., on a Marxist

Well! If the above is not sectarian, then I do not know what sectarian
means. Is this JSR going to gather together _the_ vanguard in the
universities, factories, etc, on a Marxist programme? Whose vanguard will
this _the_ vanguard be or whose Marxist programme will this programme be?
But I must grant that they do not say "the Marxist programme" in the above
and I am very happy for them. This must be some sort of an improvement over
the years I suppose!


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