[Marxism] A sectarian approach

Amaral1871 at aol.com Amaral1871 at aol.com
Wed Nov 9 15:55:23 MST 2005

Very little of what I've read on this list leads me to believe that any of 
us, who have thus far put in our two centavos, could accurately report on the 
organizational form which are most needed in Barquisimeto at the moment. As much 
as I respect Louis' disdain for sectarianism, given what seems to be the JSRs 
commitment to work within the Bolivarian movement, I would withhold any long 
distance condemnations. More importantly, we don't know how these comrades 
will do their revolutionary work. To the extent that they don't put their 
organizational interests ahead of those of the movement - or more accurately ahead of 
the interests of the workers and peasants of Venezuela - our initial impulse 
should be to fraternally cheer the site of more openly organizing Marxists and 
revolutionaries. Our second impulse should be to seek more information…

- A.Amaral

In a message dated 11/9/05 3:58:19 PM, lnp3 at panix.com writes:

> >"The JSR was founded mainly by two groups, the CMR (Revolutionary Marxist
> >Current) and the FAR (American Rebel Front). The former is the Marxist wing
> >of the Bolivarian movement, organizing within its ranks workers and youth,
> >working to spread socialist ideas and advance the revolutionary process
> >towards the expropriation of the capitalist class and the setting up of a
> >regime of workers' democracy."
> >
> >How is this sectarian?
> I feel like Louis Armstrong being asked what jazz was. "Man, when you got
> to ask what is it, you'll never get to know."
> --

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