[Marxism] A sectarian approach

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 9 16:19:10 MST 2005

>Very little of what I've read on this list leads me to believe that any of
>us, who have thus far put in our two centavos, could accurately report on the
>organizational form which are most needed in Barquisimeto at the moment. 
>As much
>as I respect Louis' disdain for sectarianism, given what seems to be the JSRs
>commitment to work within the Bolivarian movement, I would withhold any long
>distance condemnations. More importantly, we don't know how these comrades
>will do their revolutionary work. To the extent that they don't put their
>organizational interests ahead of those of the movement - or more 
>accurately ahead of
>the interests of the workers and peasants of Venezuela - our initial impulse
>should be to fraternally cheer the site of more openly organizing Marxists 
>revolutionaries. Our second impulse should be to seek more information…
>- A.Amaral

Once again I think that people are giving IDOM the benefit of the doubt 
because they are not calling for the overthrow of Chavez in typical 
ultraleft fashion.

The real question, however, is what vehicle is required for the development 
of socialism in Venezuela. I would strongly suggest that putting out 
magazines with Trotsky's picture on the front cover is *not* the way to go. 
Basically this group is an attempt to build a Trotskyist party but without 
the typical "down with the Mensheviks" agenda.

They claim,  that the CMR is "*the* Marxist wing of the Bolivarian 
movement." If that is the case, then Marxism must be highly marginalized in 
Venezuela today, based on the evidence of 20 people in total attendance at 
the gathering reported on. But I don't think that Marxism is marginalized. 
My guess is that some 10,000 Venezuelans would identify themselves as 
Marxist. The problem, however, is that they would feel constricted by a 
group with such narrow ideological boundaries. I imagine that only a 
fraction of the left would want to join a group that hawks a journal with 
Leon Trotsky on the front cover.

I can understand the inexorable attraction that some comrades have for 
groups that put out journals with the picture of Leon Trotsky on the front 
cover, but that is something that no longer has much seductive value for me. 

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