[Marxism] A sectarian approach

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 9 22:03:13 MST 2005

>Someone has
>compared this to the period of "small circles" in the development of Russian

Well, I'd have to hear more about this. Lenin's goal was to unify Marxists 
through Iskra where discussion and debate could take place *openly*, sort 
of like on this mailing list. This concept is inimical to those who operate 
in the Fourth International tradition and all other "Marxist-Leninist" 
traditions for that matter.

>Finally, since a big deal has been made of Trotsky´s picture (!!) in the
>front page of a "paper" let's at least get the facts right.

Frankly, I think that the In Defense of Marxism website is probably the 
main inspiration for the Trotsky iconography, not an offhand remark by 
Chavez. For that matter, what an odd name for a political current. As we 
all know, this book by Trotsky (I assume that this is not just a 
coincidence) incorporates the famous "scratch to gangrene" business which 
in one form or another has been used as a rallying cry in faction fights 
dividing Trotskyist groups of 300 into multiple groups of 150 like amoebas 
that have drunk too much cheap wine. 

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