[Marxism] riots in france

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 06:24:44 MST 2005

From: "Michael Karadjis" 
> Since I am in Hanoi, I hereby declare from thousands
> of miles away that it is I who has the correct line
> on both the riots in France and the group being 
> discussed in Venezuela (though in both cases I'll 
> need to check with the PC to see what it is)

Spoken like a true Leninist! :)

But of course, I'm even further away, so my opinions
are even more valid. And "Permanent Revolution!"

So there.

Hah! You didn't mention Permanent Revolution, and I
did, so obviously I'm right, and you're not. ;)

OK, all bullshit aside...

Look, if the Marxists on the ground think that getting
themselves organised and (as much as possible) unified
is a good thing, then it's not really our business to
say it's not.

On the other hand, if this was a creation of "a bunch
of guys in London", then it's probably not such a good

If twenty people who don't matter want to set up some
micro-outfit, it really doesn't matter. We'll have to
put up with their self-important press releases, but
it won't take too long before everybody realises that
they are full of shit. On the other hand, if twenty
people who actually matter - that is, who are serious
people in the movement in Venezuela - decided to form
an outfit, well... I'm not prepared to be such a
smartarse as to try and decide if they are making a
mistake or not.

Frankly, it doesn't matter. The whole Venezuelan thing
is a mass struggle. Grouplets don't matter, unless
they contain people who the masses actually pay
attention to. And in that case, they aren't really the
same kind of dozy outfits we are used to in the
Imperialist states and they can do whatever they think
is best without having to deal with our nonsense.

In other words, no, it is not necessarily sectarian
for a bunch of Marxists to get themselves together in
the middle of a ferocious large-scale class struggle.
It's quite likely that it might actually be sectarian,
but that assessment is something which actually needs
to be made based on the actual concrete circumstances
- exactly like every other assessment that needs to be
made when studying the Venezuelan struggle.

In short, I don't know, but I am reluctant to shoot my
mouth off.

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