[Marxism] Re: Dover PA: those on god's side win one for the masses

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Nov 10 09:26:50 MST 2005

dwalters at marxists.org wrote:

> I don't think there is a desperation at all on the part of the
> Creationists...they still on the offensive. The scientific community has to
> come down from it's Ivory Tower and realize that it's not "2005" but it's 1920
> all over again and our side has to take these people VERY seriously. They
> simply can not be dismissed as nut jobs, but rather as a major force that has
> to be smashed, intellectually.

They were smashed intellectually long ago, and there is nothing the
"scientific community" can do that it hasn't been doing for a century.
The question is a political rather than scientific or "intellectual"

And a speculation. What we are dealing with is a problem of
_scepticism_, not of superstition. The orthodoxy is still science &
reason, and in a period in which all institutions are failing, and in
which society is incrasingly atomized (the "dot-like isolation of the
worker" Marx refers to in the _Grundrisse_) scepticism rules. I think a
number of observers have noted that "fundamentalism" has many affinities
with some aspects of what we call "postmodernism."

_The Bicycle Thief_, over 50 years later, remains one of the strongest
images of what it is like to live in the modern city.


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