[Marxism] Re A sectarian approach

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 12:41:51 MST 2005

"I have to question the sheer nastiness of the
reaction to this small group which has the temerity to identify with
the Trotskyist tradition."

That's really all that's going on here.  There are a lot of people on
this list who come out of the Trotskyist tradition and now hate
Trotskyists.  They don't have a unitary or coherent critique, you have
a bunch of individuals saying very different things, but I'd say in
general they share a formal, undialectical approach - they take the
decrepit state of Trotskyist groups today, which for the most part
simply reflects the decrepit disarray of the working class movement,
and they throw really nasty attacks at a hard communist political
tradition that is trying to hang on for dear life in a period where
just doing that is worthy of praise.  Most Trotskyist groups are, in
many ways, fucked up in their internal and external functioning.  But
same goes for almost _every_ popular or radical organization I've had
experience with - the unions, black or latino nationalist groups,
Stalinist, Maoist and left social-democratic groups.  Instead of the
SWP why don't you people turn on SEIU or AFSCME and the way they abuse
their staff, worker activists, destroy left caucuses, purge radicals
from their staff, hand workers dues money over to the politicians,
etc?  Or attack A,B, or C other group?  So the constant jabs against
Trotskyists are petty, mean-spirited, unproductive, arbitrary and
undialectical - they detach these groups from history and social
context and hammer them for their sins, it just smells of red-baiting
and anti-communism to me.

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