[Marxism] Christopher Hitchens' Bad Language

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Furthermore, Boris Kagarlitsky writes (11/10) that
"at least a third of the rampaging youths in France
are not Arabs but the children of black African
immigrants. And...the Arab teenagers living in the
working-class suburbs not only speak no language other
than French, but they also have no clue about Islam.
This is doubly true of young French blacks."

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> Apropos Hitchens' provocative remark, Diana
> Johnstone
> writes in Counterpunch (11/9): 
> "The rioting youths seem to be predominantly, but
> not
> exclusively, of African or North African origin.
> They
> are certainly not all Muslims, and there is no
> indication that most of them are particularly
> attached
> to any religion."
> But later she adds that in the banlieue 
> "identification with the Palestinians is widespread
> and daily images of violence in the Middle East and
> the war in Iraq have a considerable impact. Perhaps
> one can guess that had Chirac not refused to follow
> the United States into Iraq, the banlieue would have
> exploded earlier and more violently than today. The
> feeling of exclusion among youth of Arab origin is
> enormously exacerbated by the spectacle of Western
> aggression against the Arab world."
> http://www.counterpunch.org/johnstone11092005.html
> Michael D
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> > Hitchens admits to saying this on Laura Ingraham's
> > talk show yesterday:
> > 
> > "If you think that the intifada in France is about
> > housing, go and try 
> > covering the story wearing a yarmulka."
> > 
> >

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