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> Two things.
> What Tom O’Lincoln calls the ‘British section’ of the Grant-Woods
> operation is no such thing. It is not the section in Britain of a
> genuine international political current but the imperialist hub
> around which semi-colonial clone organisations have been
> constructed. There is a long tradition of this on the would-be
> British revolutionary left: the Healyites did it, the Cliffites do
> it, the Workers’ Power people do it, Grant-Woods do it. This is
> noting more than a superficially r-r-r-revolutionary version of
> Fabian paternalism. The belief that it would be possible for a
> British sect to come up with the political answers for
> revolutionaries world-wide is simple chauvinism.

Hats off!!!!!!!

And Venezuela is a wonderful place for such a kind of clone 
organization to exist, since it will very rapidly root in the 
essentially outward-looking, schema-importing, petty bourgeoisie 
nurtured by the old Venezuela that exported oil and imported 
"anything else".  This petty bourgeoisie imported their ideas 
together with the bottles of Johnny Walker 12 years whisky, one of 
the main items in Venzln imports.  (And Venezuela makes one of the 
best rhums on planet Earth.)  Not to speak of other items, such as 
milk or butter.

As to the social base for such a sect, I am afraid it will be too
narrow even if it roots somehow in the actual realities of Venezuela. 

Most of the Venezuelan population are agrarian uproots discarded on
the mountainsides around the large towns by the tremendous anti-
productive thrust of the oil-export economy.

In a sense, building in Venezuela something faintly resembling an
urban proletariat is one of the tasks of the revolution.  Trotskyism,
much as I appreheciate Leo Davidovich, gives few clues, if any, to
this paramount task of any serious socialist revolutionary in that

There is more Trotskyism in Chávez's proposition that a mega gas
pipeline linking the gas fields of the Orinoco Basin with Brazil and
Argentina be built than what you can find in twenty thousand copies 
of "Permanent Revolution".  No clone organization will ever realize 
this, precisely because they are clones.

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