[Marxism] Re: Greens win at least 19 races in Nov. 2005 elections

Steffie Brooks steffie.brooks at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 16:51:44 MST 2005

The press releases and media work for the national green campaigns
have been written by Scott McLarty in Washington, D.C. He told me over
the phone that he is a David Cobb supporter so i don't know what that
says about the Cobb wing and the Camejo wing re local election
campaigns. You may be right that the Cobb wing is supporting the
Democratic Party or it may vary region to region and individual to

Pennsylvania seems to have a lot of Green candidates and office holders.

It seems the strength of the NY Greens is mostly upstate in smaller
cities like New Paltz which has a Green mayor. In NYC from what I can
see Greens are terribly disorganized and not even in regular contact
with each other. They are not a strong or at least visible presence at
movement events.

The Green candidate for NYC mayor was Anthony Gronowicz
(http://www.gpnys.org/?page_id=200) who was endorsed by Ralph Nader. I
heard him interviewed on WBAI radio where he called for a "Bill of
Rights for Working People" in the tradition of FDR's New Deal. (Aside:
I hadn't realized that this formulation dates from the New Deal and
had thought the SWP dreamed up the phrase -- the title of the SWP's
1976 election platform. Did anyone else know that the SWP 1976
campaign platform was named after a New Deal program? Is this actually

Gronowicz wrote an excellent book, Race and Class Politics in New York
City Before the Civil War (1998) and teaches at Bronx Community

In Georgia, Elaine Brown's campaign for mayor was derailed when she
was knocked off the ballot but she was able to overturn the Glynn
County Election  Commission's ruling that you couldn't even write in
her name because she hadn't registered as a write-in candidate a month
in advance. (She was ruled off the ballot 3 weeks before Election
Day.) Nonetheless, Brown's running mate James Brooks won his race for
City Commission and is now the first elected Green in Georgia.

Malik Rahim in New Orleans (People's Hurricane Relief Fund, community
organizer) is also a former Panther who made a City Council run as a
Green. I wonder if other former Panthers are working in or with the
Green Party.

Steffie Brooks

Friends of Elaine Brown for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia
2802 Altama Avenue, Suite B
Brunswick, Georgia  31520
912-262-9811 (Telephone)
912-262-9813 (Facsimile)
November 7, 2005
Contact:  Anita D. Collins, Campaign Manager, 912-262-9811
(Brunswick, Georgia)
In Federal Court today, Judge Anthony Alaimo ordered the Glynn County Board
of Elections to count the write-in votes for mayoral candidate Elaine Brown.
Elaine had been disqualified as a candidate by the Board of Elections last
month and removed from the ballot.  The Glynn County Superior Court had
upheld the Board's decision.
However, in the United States District Court today, Judge Alaimo ruled that
write-in votes for Elaine had to be counted pending a trial on the merits.
While this ruling does not address the Advance Voting period, where more
than 300 voters were told their votes for Elaine would not count, Elaine
will contest the outcome of the election.
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On 11/9/05, Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote:
> My perspective is somewhat skewered (or is it "screwed") by being in the
> Midwest where the Green Party is pretty much a paper tiger at this
> point.  The party is viable in parts of California and New York with
> very spotty presence elsewhere.
> In Cincinnati's late election, we had a Green candidate for mayor that
> the existing Green organization balked at endorsing (it backs Democrats
> "as individuals").  After the primary narrow the field, we had two Green
> organizations (or, to be accurate, people speaking on their behalf)
> endorsing two different sets of Democrats.
> So, my suggestion is that most of the Cobb wing of the Green Party is
> endorsing Democrats and has led as much of the party to the DP as they
> could.  They haven't relinquished their hold on the GPUS apparatus, of
> course.
> ML

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