[Marxism] Irving Beinin

ethan young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 10 17:25:21 MST 2005

Irving Beinin, a leading peace activist and veteran socialist in 
New York City, died last month after a long illness.

In the Vietnam years, Irving was logistician for the 
Fifth Avenue Peace Parade Committee, the main NYC 
component of the antiwar movement. He also built
mobilizations against US war moves in the 80s and 90s.

Irving was a Cochranite. He was a toughtful and 
dedicated organizer who put up with his share of shit in 
attempting to interact with the broader movement while 
keeping his political principles intact. He was a model 
activist in that he never trimmed his politics to fit the 
mood of the moment, but made himself indispensible 
for his contributions to the movement.

His refusal to tow a line he couldn't accept
got him purged from the Guardian newsweekly staff,
but he was welcomed in other groups, including Lower East Side 
Mobilization for Peace Action, National Committee for 
Independent Political Action, and Committees of 
Correspondence for Socialism and Democracy.

A wise and good comrade. He's missed. Can he be replaced?

ethan young

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