[Marxism] Re: A sectarian approach, links to Socialist Amercia, others

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Fri Nov 11 03:49:03 MST 2005

Thank you Mark for your kind comments on the Marxists Internet Archive.

The link to Socialist America, the Socialist Union's paper that Mark and Louis
P. have referred to are here:

List members Louis Proyect and Xxxx Xxxxxxx played the key role in bringing over
this magazine content to the ETOL on the MIA.

The higher level directory in the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On Line contains a
growing number of journals and papers that we have been able to start
transcription of. The index for this is here:
http://marxists.org/history/etol/newspape/index.htm (no 'r' in "newspape/")

We've started a massive initiative in getting both The New International and
Fourth International transcribed. These were the main  theorectical journals of
US Trotskyism for several decades and were of exceptional quality. Many of the
writers for The American Socialist originally wrote for these two journals.

In addition, we've started transcription of British Workers International News,
the montly journal of the Workers’ International League, 1938-1944;
Revolutionary Communist Party, 1944-1949.

List members Einde O'Callaghan and Andy Pollack are working on these particular

David Walters

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