[Marxism] Not the in-betweens, just the lines.

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> Leave it to Nestor to resurrect  what's older than old and call it
> new: Marxism, or in this case Marxist-Trotskyism complete with
> pictures and a big fat 50 point "4" as an alien ideology, imported by
> the petty bourgeoisie to befuddle and intoxicate the wonderful,
> humble, and huddled on the mountainside, masses of Venezuela.   I mean
> that's what's written between the lines, isn't it?

Nonsense.  "Baloney", as Rrubinelli philosophically says.

I am a Marxist.  Nothing I would love more than a Marxist 
revolutionary group seizing power with the masses, in the best 
tradition of October 1917, both in Caracas, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, 
Brasília and New York Citiy.

Serious.  Hitting my chest gently with my fist while I write this 
(quite a job to do, indeed).

I have not hinted that "Marxism" was alien to any pristine social 
group.  I leave that to nationalist bourgeois ideologues.  What I 
have said, and I keep saying, is that the Venezuelan petty 
bourgeoisie are particularly prone to import their ideas and 
ideological frames together with anything else (gasoline included, 
for many decades there weren't even destilleries in Venezuela).  And 
that it would be fatal if Marxism was kept within that sterilizating 

BTW:  there are other ways for Marxism and Marxists to enter 
Venezuela than a foreign-based Trotskyist sect.

And, above at all, let us be good sports.  

Rrubinelli, you may be angry (or not, who knows) with me, but don't 
create a straw man of me, OK?

Read the lines.  Just the lines.  Not the in-betweens.  There are 
none.  It is quite hard for me to write lines in English.  Just guess 
how hard it would be to write between the lines in English.

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