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No, not exactly, as the charge was most often and most specifically made
against the Bolsheviks themselves; the charge was made in response to
the actions, not of individual Marxists, or groups of Marxists, but the
actions of the working class as a whole, i.e the development and triumph
of the soviets, actions that caught the Bolsheviks by surprise.

Nothing was grafted or imposed upon the Russian workers.


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> Rrubinelli:
>  > Does anyone else recognize in Nestor's pseudo-characterization
>  > the lament of the "Great Russian" Slavophiles of the early 20th
>  > century that Marxism was an alien Eurocentric ideology imposed,
>  > grafted upon the humble Russian people?
> Which, in its pre-Bolshevik form, is exactly what it was.

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