[Marxism] Not the in-betweens, just the lines.

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Not angry with you at all Nestor; actually I quite enjoy reading your
posts, and quite enjoy our passionate disagreements (I do bristle,
though, when I think physical threats are being made.  What can I say?.
Chalk it up to bad history and youth. You can take the boy off the
street, even put him on the psychiatrists's couch for awhile.  You can't
take the street out of the boy).  And I certainly value, and even learn
from the breadth and depth of your knowledge about Latin America and
more than Latin America.

Doesn't change my opinion though that by red-lining Trotskyism as an
import, equivalent to Johnny Walker whiskey, you come real close, really
too close, to a type of "branding," an almost smear of a critical
current of Marxism, as a weapon of modern capitalist exploitation of
"less developed" areas.

OK, this or that group has a picture of Trotsky on its masthead.  But
what is the nature of their activity?  That's the issue.  This
discussion has revolved around "inherent" sectarianism.  I take
exception to the "inherent" modifier.

And I promise to make you one or more of my "natural daquiris" when we
meet.  Then we'll both say "Ah."

As one rum drinker to another, I remain..


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And, above at all, let us be good sports.

Rrubinelli, you may be angry (or not, who knows) with me, but don't
create a straw man of me, OK?

Read the lines.  Just the lines.  Not the in-betweens.  There are
none.  It is quite hard for me to write lines in English.  Just guess
how hard it would be to write between the lines in English.

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