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Fri Nov 11 10:17:43 MST 2005

Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
>From this point of view, is the launching of a youth organization by the
Trotskyists, or one of the Trotskyist currents, really the best way to
proceed? Is this their understanding of re-inventing socialism for the
XXI Century, placing at the heart of their organizations an ideological
commitment to a whole series of positions about things that happened in
the distant past? Wouldn't it be much better to have discussions of
those lessons, insofar as they are relevant, in the framework of an
overall united movement of revolutionary youth, and with the focus being
on what to do next, and what strategic course to follow, rather than on
whether the POUM in Spain in 1934 was centrist or not, what people in
Germany should have been doing in 1932 and so on?
I agree with your argument. And I still don't understand why you find a picture of Trotsky on the lower right-hand corner of a pamphlet with an attached quote to be a sectarian approach. Someone said on this list that even Chavez has begun to mention Trotsky in speeches and has brought his ideas to people's attention. Is Chavez being sectarian by mentioning Trotsky? Is he sectarian for styling himself as a Marxist? 
I understand your argument that to 'import' ideas from other struggles and simply laying them on top of the movement will suffocate it, but to not use the lessons of history to move the socialist movement in Venezuela forward is not a dialectical approach either. It's a mechanical materialism that simply forsakes ideas that must be grasped by the forces in society in order to change it. The forces in society must learn through struggle, yes, but why needlessly made the same mistakes? 
You may be very well right about this being the beginning stages of a path down sectarianism for the 20 Trotskyist youth. Hopefully they will look around and see they have to allow their ideas to take hold 'organically' among the masses and not simply stand over in left field shouting for soviets or Chavez's overthrow, as someone mentioned. 
Also, it is misleading to draw historical parallels to Marx and Engels' actions in 1848 to the revolutionary process in Venezuela. They dissolved their slogans to join an open rebellion in several countries around Europe that had no *idea* what 'scientific' socialism was, so why stand in left field shouting? These Trotskyists, like Marx and Engels, are doing their best in their historical situation to build a revolutionary movement capable of transcending capitalism. When the youth group begins to try and 'steer' the movement into defense committees, then we know their taking an idealist approach. 
-Steve S.
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