[Marxism] Re a sectarian approach

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 10:33:25 MST 2005

I belatedly came across this from Ed George:

"What Tom O'Lincoln calls the 'British section' of the Grant-Woods
operation is no such thing. It is not the section in Britain of a
genuine international political current but the imperialist hub around
which semi-colonial clone organisations have been constructed. There is
a long tradition of this on the would-be British revolutionary left: the
Healyites did it, the Cliffites do it, the Workers' Power people do it,
Grant-Woods do it. This is noting more than a superficially
r-r-r-revolutionary version of Fabian paternalism. The belief that it
would be possible for a British sect to come up with the political
answers for revolutionaries world-wide is simple chauvinism."

This is utter rubbish-- Unless one buys into some type of post-Maoist
super-Third Worldism.
By the same logic Lenin and the Third International would be
paternalist national chauvinists. But then you may think Czarist
Russia was simply a semi-colonial country, so the Bolsheviks had the
requisite credentials to "come up with the political answers for
revolutionaries world wide."  BTW: This tendency has some siginificant
sections outside Britain; Pakistan in particular (as does the CWI). 
But in your book the members of those sections are simply clones, it
would seem. Who's the sectarian?

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