[Marxism] World Trade Center - Physicist disputes official explanations of collapse

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Fri Nov 11 16:31:10 MST 2005

Physicist at BYU submits paper for publication in peer-reviewed scientific
journal disputing official explanations of collapse of World Trade Center
buildings based on a review of the evidence and analysis of the mechanics

"Following several months of study, he presented his findings at a talk at
BYU in September. Jones says he would like the government to release 6,899
photographs and 6,977 segments of video footage for "independent scrutiny."
He would also like to analyze a small sample of the molten metal found at
Ground Zero."

Given the magnitude of the disasters, all serious scholarship and analysis
deserves considered attention, in my opinion.


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(pun intended)

Mainstream news summary (act quick! articles like these are scrubbed
in very short order):


BYU physics professor's paper, to be published by a peer reviewed
journal next year (of course, he will retract the paper after he
wakes up next to a horse's head):


BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones:
"The 'symmetry data' emphasized here, along with other data, provide
strong evidence for an 'inside' job."

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