The role of the Tory Party was Re: [Marxism] Re: Defeat For Blair

g.maclennan at g.maclennan at
Fri Nov 11 20:23:44 MST 2005

I wonder if Paul or anyoen would comment on the role of the 
tory Party in Blair's defeat.  They of course gave the 
numbers to the Labour Rebels.  But for the Tory voting 
against him Blair would have won.

Always before he could rely on the Tories to help him defeat 
his rebels, now suddenly in his rush to the Right he has 
actually gone beyond the Tories.

The latter (for someone like me always the true unspeakables 
and untouchables) seem to have found a vein of pragmatism and 
left Blair isolated and all alone on the far right.

If the Tories keep this up then more defeats for Blair are in 
the offing are they not?



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