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rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 12 06:59:05 MST 2005

Jesus Christ, Nestor, sit down, take a stress pill, and get a fucking
grip.  I actually meant what I said about JB's analysis-- I like the
willingness to discard everything that has been transformed from the
means and methods of revolutionary analysis and struggle into a "thing
unto itself,"  to be preserved even at the expense of the actual combat.

The ****mail was humor.  Scathing remark?  Come on, I was sure even you
would see humor in that one.  Guess I  was wrong.

Talk about setting up strawmen....

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The problem with your scathing remark is, Rrubinelli, that the single
places on planet Earth where **** should not be dropped by any means
are the imperialist nations.  We must think dialectically.  Bustelo
warns you all that you should have your eyes wide open to actual
movements (why, didn't the Civil Rights movement begin _outside_ the
revolutionary line in the US?).  It will be through those actual
movements, and nowhere else, that **** will jump from cyberspace to
real world.

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