[Marxism] Re A sectarian approach

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Nov 12 11:43:51 MST 2005

David McDonald wrote:
> I'd particularly like to know why you think the factory
> workers you met had a "more left wing set of politics" than Chavez.

The leadership (and the balance of internal forces) is _always_ (as it
should be) somewhat to the 'right' of important sectors of the mass base
of a movement. Otherwise there would be no basis for continued advance
and the leadership would become isolated. And of course all sorts of
things can go wrong at any stage. But turning that 'distance' between
leadership and advanced elements to an antagonistic relationship is a
certain recipe for disaster. And that is what sectarianism (emphasis on
theory/principle in abstraction from contingent realities) does.


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