[Marxism] Yes, forming a Trotskyist group is sectarian

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 12 13:19:31 MST 2005

Lance wrote:
>In a
>non-sectarian move, the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy
>asked to join the IWMA in 1868.  Marx's IWMA said that the group could
>not join, only national groups could join.  So the individual national
>groups of the IASD joined the IWMA individually.  In 1872, Marx led a
>motion to toss these IASD groups out of the IWMA, which won by a
>motion of 40-24.

The IASD was basically an anarchist formation tightly controlled by 
Bakunin, who was not interested in politics in the strategic or tactical 
sense. As it stated, "it also rejects any political action which does not 
have as its immediate and direct aim the triumph of the workers' cause 
against capital." That's quite a tall order.  

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