[Marxism] Progressive Democrats of America

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Sat Nov 12 18:20:44 MST 2005

>>> lnp3 at PANIX.COM 11/12/05 8:00 PM >>>
I don't know about 2006, but I suspect that there will be huge pressure on
the left to back Hillary Clinton or some other wolf in sheep's clothing in
2008. Once again, my problem is not with full-bore Democrats like Nathan
Newman who would find reasons to back her, but with the faction in the
Greens that would once again try to make a presidential campaign
ineffective. I don't know if Nader will run again, but the issues will
probably be so polarized on a class basis that a campaign that opposes both
the Republicans and the Democrats will get more support than it did last
year. I think that Camejo would run a damned fine campaign but I doubt that
he will run.

again, i ask seriously, what would constitute an effective prez campaign...  mh

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