[Marxism] Re A sectarian approach

ethan young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 12 19:53:19 MST 2005

Mark Lause writes:

 The point is, I think, that Trotsky did not want to organize a
"Trotskyist" group. 

Is that so? From outside the Trotskyist fold, it seems to
me that there was no 'Fourth International' without Trotsky,
just as there was no 'Marxism-Leninism' without Stalin.

Are we to assume that Trotsky thought he was taking part in a
collective effort among co-equals? He knew perfectly well
he was personally leading a political movement. He had
the chops, both theoretical and political, to command a
following, as well as the personal charisma and moral
standing. But laying claim to the mantle of Bolshevism
was also an act of enormous ego that in hindsight had 
a negative impact.


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