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You know why I am beginning to love Nestor more and more?  Because I
always find myself agreeing and disagreeing with him more and more and
at the same time.  And if that isn't love,  I don't know what is.
Ambivalence, after all, being a signature human characteristic.

So I think Nestor's insight into Marx's " lack of clarity"  is right on
target; and somewhat off target at the same time, as more than just
Marx's perception, character are at stake in his (accurately described)
harsh treatment of Lasalle.  There is/are all the missteps, mistakes,
over-vigilance, "insecurity" of a just emerging movement, trying and
needing to distinguish itself, develop a rigorous clarity in and for

And so the observation "but we are talking practical politics," is dead
on-- because the weakness/strength, generosity of spirit and lack
thereof, apply always and to all sides in the practical politics.

So then we come to question of the Venezuelan revolution "turning
south," and recognizing its own future in the success of continental
integration.  Just so, comrade Nestor.  Precisely so, but.... But the
turning south cannot fulfill itself without extension of the terms of
class struggle now so upfront, forward, explicit in Venezuela to other
countries necessary to achieve the integration-- like Ecuador, Bolivia,
Peru, Colombia-- which is why I think Chavez made a mistake-- mistake,
not betrayal mind you-- in his offer of  oil to the government of
Ecuador during struggle in Sucumbios and Orellana.


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