[Marxism] Gordon S. Wood on Sean Wilentz

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Think this is exactly right.  Acid test, everywhere and always.

And YOUNG AMERICA is available at the Strand in NYC, 10 bucks.

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>> Finally, I think that, in academe (which does not have to pin down
> meaning in an activist sense), the lines between critique,
> excuse, and admiration can be very permeable.  So, too, in this case,
> we've seen a slide from a class critique of Jacksonian Democracy, to
> acceptance of an assumed class embrace of Jacksonian Democracy, to an
> embrace of Democratic politics on a pragmatic basis...and you end up
> criticizing John Brown for retarding the electoral process of slave
> liberation....
> To me, that's something of an acid test.  If someone has trouble
> figuring out whether they're on the side of John Brown, I speaks
> for their analysis.
> Solidarity!
> Mark L.
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