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Sun Nov 13 16:29:59 MST 2005

The other day Lou mentioned Roosevelt's Secretary of
the Interior, Harold L. Ickes.  I want to quote from
his Madison Square Garden speech of November, 1943.
   "One of the wisest decisions in international
affairs during this generation was made ten years ago
when the Russian and American peoples, through their
governments, decided formally to renew their historic
and long-time friendship. If statesmanship is the
capacity to look ahead so as to be prepared for
whatever may befall, then indeed Premier Stalin and
President Roosevelt proved that they were statesmen of
the highest order.
    "So much for the present.  What of the future?  We
want peace and security.  The Soviet Union and all of
the others in the United Nations want peace and
security.  Peace inevitably will come.  But peace and
secrity are not synonymous; they are not even
coterminous.  (...)
   "There are both good and bad things in every system
of government.  The truth is that, despite the vicious
Hitlerisms of Hearst and of the Patterson-McCormick
newspaper axis, there are many things of which the
Soviet Union has reason to be proud.  In certain
respects we could do well to learn from Russia: yes,
even to imitate Russia.
    "Our professional patriots do not like to have it
said out loud that our treatment of our minority
groups, especially that of the Negro, is wretched when
compared to Russias. (...)
     "I do not see what possible cause for an
embroilment  there could be between the United States
and the Soviet Union after the present war.  The fact
that the Soviet Union is a communist state is really
not our concern.  We would not permit sny other
country to dictate to us our form of government. 

   I am quoting the above to show people how far to
the right the political discourse has shifted.  People
no longer even remember the discourse of the New

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