[Marxism] Re: A Vietnamese critique of the Iraqi resistance

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 19:43:42 MST 2005

I didn't find the critique very interesting--it certainly didn't
change my views of either Vietnam or Iraq.

I think I can still say the following:
1. The only direct effective resistance to US militarism right now is
the Iraqi Resistance.
2. That Resistance is actually more cohesive and expansive than US
journalism propaganda would have us believe.
3. It is not trying to tear Iraq up, but rather is a centripetal
convergence of Sunni nationalists (many of them traditionally
fundamentalist, now radicalized in the face of a very brutal, deadly
complete Occupation, mostly Arab but with other groups, such as
Turcomen and even some Kurds) and Shia radicals centered around
Moqtada al-Sadr (who are also Iraqi Arab nationalists).
4. Because of the Islamist nature of much of the Iraqi Resistance,
leftists from the west refuse to understand it, even to the point of
marginalizing it instead of recognizing its absolutely central
position in the struggle against the American order.
5. If the US were to leave Iraq, with minimal support from some Arab
countries and Iran, the Resistance could put together a government in
a very short time. But that would depend on the US and Israel (and now
the UN) accepting that, and right now that does not seem possible. The
rulers of Israel have long wanted the destruction of a centralized
Iraq, and the US ruling regime is still dominated by the people who
think what Israel wants, Israel should get.


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