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Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Sun Nov 13 20:05:38 MST 2005

>>> lnp3 at PANIX.COM 11/12/05 9:37 PM >>>
>nader in 2000, i'm tempted to say surely you jest, please explain
>campaign's effectiveness...  mh

He filled Felt Forum in NYC and venues everywhere. He also got a huge vote
for a 3rd party candidate. If he ran an ineffective campaign like the
sectarian left, DP lawyers wouldn't have worked overtime trying to get him
thrown off the ballot.

henry wallace had large numbers at lots of his campaign appearances, 
(30,000 in chicago, for example, he packed hollywood bowl in los 
angeles, in comparison, place was half full for truman), may well have
been because paul robeson performed at many stops, but then, nader
had list of celebs, wallace received about 2.5% of '48 vote, nader 
about 3.5% of 2000 vote...

political circumstances were obviously different, but each campaign
had something in common - well-known candidate (hell, nader got
almost 1% of '96 vote and he didn't even campaign), each reflected
'personality party' (in contrast to 'idea party'), a dead end street...

as for scurrilous dp lawyers, had '96 election in florida been as
close as 2000, they would have blamed their candidate's loss on
4100 votes that nader received in the state without having
campaigned...  mh

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