[Marxism] What would constitute a serious presidential campaign

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 23:17:15 MST 2005

In all facetiousness (but seriousness, too), we have already seen what
is going to constitute a serious campaign from within the
establishment (yes, I know most of you know this, I'm putting it down
in writing here to emphasize what is at stake):

Sen McCain, who would commit 150,000 more troops, bomb more cities,
exterminate the Resistance (instead of arresting it or fighting it in
the streets), and establish 'safe havens' so 'civil society' in the US
Occupation can 'take root'.

Where will the Dems position themselves against this 'winning'
formula? It looks like it's going to go back to that one little thing
Kerry let slip in his first debate speech (and then ignored
thereafter, because the national security Dems got nervous): that a US
occupation that looks permanent alienates even the most ingratiating
of Shia allies in Iraq (simply because, in the latter case, it so
undercuts their attempts at attaining legitimacy to rule).

So expect the Dems to come up with an alternative McCain plan, only
saying that since they would do it better, saying that the US can be
out of Iraq in 3-4 years (with absolutely no intention whatsoever of
leaving Iraq, since the national security state already has policy in
place that this occupation is going to be permanent).

Now what does not constitute a serious presidential campaign?
Let me see. Discussions about new new deals amongst people largely
outside the leadership of the Democratic Party (Henwood should take
note). Mass demonstrations on the Mall where the biggest name speaker
is someone who only came around to being anti-war after a family
member got killed in Iraq. Debates about socialism with Greens.
Etc. etc.

I think there is hope to be found in facing the bleakest of realities
and realizing you still can think and act. Let's face up to it and see
who is still standing and breathing.


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