[Marxism] Judge Alito and the Skull of Manco Capac

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 15 07:35:30 MST 2005

When I lived in Peru I heard a lot of jokes in which gringos were the butt,
usually showing us (I am myself a recovering gringo) to be quite stupid at a
very practical level.  One joke in particular reminds me of the current
attempts by the Bu(ll)sh(it) Administration to paint Alito as someone
without a reactionary ideological agenda.  The joke goes like this:

A gringo is walking down the street in Cuzco.  The street's sidewalks are
filled with vendors selling all kinds of curios and handicrafts.  The
gringo's attention is caught by the cries of one street hawker.  Seated on
the ground behind a blanket covered with his wares, including skulls, the
man shouts out "Skull of Manco Capac, skull of Manco Capac".  (note:  Manco
Capac was the first Inca, the founder of the Cuzco dynasty).  The gringo
approaches the man and asks, "Is that really the skull of Manco Capac?"
"Oh yes sir, it most certainly is."  So the gringo buys the skull and happy
with his purchase he continues down the street but is surprised when, upon
turning the corner, he hears another street peddlar crying out, "Skull of
Manco Capac, Skull of Manco Capac."  Quite upset that he has been deceived,
the gringo approaches the vendor, and says, "How can that be the skull of
Manco Capac, I just bought it."  The vendor looks at him and asks, "Can I
see the skull you bought, Mister?"  So the gringo gives him the skull.  "Ah
yes, of course," the vendor tells the hapless gringo, "you bought the skull
of Manco Capac when he was already on old man, I'm selling the one from when
he was a child."  "Oohhhh," says the gringo, " . . .  . "

Sometimes the joke closes with the statement that the gringo bought the
second skull too.

Just a joke and as I said, the gringos are the butt of these jokes, sadly 
but, as the Alito nomination shows, fairly accurately..

Paul Dillon

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