[Marxism] Re: Erosion of US Industrial Base Worries Military Planners,

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Nov 15 16:54:23 MST 2005

I thought the whole article was fascinating, really. I've wondered about this
myself and have seen little analysis of it. Two points to make.

I used to work in Defense. Shipyards to be specific. The Navy was primarily
responsible for cutting wages massively in the 1980s in maritime repair and new
construction work. By law they were prevented from getting ship repair done
outside US ports. The navy *pushed* to change this so work could be done at
non-union ports in the Philipines, Pakistan and other countries. Just sort of

Secondly, I think in part the defense industry is simply a victim of
capitalism's own 'content' control laws that allow way and above the percentage
of US made products to be used in military equipment. It's not *just* the raw
numbers of how much US industry produces, it's the actual components of the
components that have placed the US defense industry at the will of foriegn
industries. If the one 5 cent component of a 10,000 dollar military widget is
made in anywherelseistan, then that military widget is useless garbage if it
can't be produced in a hurry in the US when the need it. What are they gonna

Indeed...what ARE they going to do? This is fodder for the petty-bourgois right
wing "Buy America" crowd.


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