[Marxism] Re: Race to the top?

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 08:15:58 MST 2005

Comrade Louis,
  I always wonder why is there so little humor on marxmail. Is it because  as a species, we marxists can not produce harmless humor and laugh at  ourselves or take a  jibe at our adverseries with a touch of  sarcastic humor?
  Anyway, the report from Thomas L Friedman had made me wonder which India he is talking about? Surely not the big-old Asian Country of 1 billion people. If so when was it under socialist rule, that too for 4 decades!
  Indians, surely are not racing to the top. They are taking up cyber  coolie jobs at a pittance and it is the Western multinationals and the  Indian middlemen who are racing to the top list of Richmens' club.
  Let us not waste our time on such silly good-for-nothing reports.
  Vijaya Kumar Marla 

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