[Marxism] Re: Wilson: science and religion are incompatible

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 09:48:32 MST 2005

 AC Pollack refers Wilsons paper:    "Many  who accept the fact of evolution can not, however, on religious  grounds, accept the operation of blind chance and the absence of divine  purpose implicit in natural selection."
          "Today  we live in a less barbaric age, but an other-wise comparable  disjunction between science and religion, the one born of Darwinism,  still roils the public mind."
      After my PG in  Electrical engineering, I joined BHEL (Indian Government owned Electrical Equipment  Manufacturing Company) in 1977 and, I was asked to report to one Mr Murthy, my  senior in college by 4 years. He is a specialist in design of large electrical  machines. A devout and extremely oerthodx Brahmin, he used to keep the  photographs of Hindu gods on this table and never started the day’s work  without an elaborate prayer.  But  surprisingly, he was a firm believer in the scientific method and used to insist  that scientific method has to be adhered to strictly. He used to say that “you  can not design a machine and say that you got the dimensions dictated to you by  God in your last night’s dream. You have to substantiate your choice of  dimensions by set of physical laws
  In  one of his good moods, I ventured to ask him, “Sir, you follow scientific method  for 8 hours in a day and follow unscientific  beliefs for the rest of the day. Don’t you see  the contradiction.”. He did not give a direct answer, but evaded by saying that  being a communist and a non-believer, I am are trying to corner him with my arguments.  He refused to accept the contradiction between the scientific method and religious  dogma. In fact, it is the case with may men of science.
    Vijaya Kumar Marla

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