[Marxism] fisk on iraq

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 17 10:48:33 MST 2005

for those of you with access to PBS Robert Fisk is scheduled to be 
interviewed tonight on the Tavis Smiley show. for the west coast (PST) it is 
scheduled for 11:30 PM on KCTS out of Seattle.  Let's see if it will really 
be aired - i've NEVER seen robert fisk interviewed on north american tv.

steve heeren

I can hire half the working class to kill the
other half.  - Jay Gould, railroad tycoon
and robber baron.

And, nowadays, it is the state that does
the hiring.

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the honest and courageous journalist in fisk, compels him to tell it as it
is, that too in busland, of all places. also admirable is that it took a
relatively lesser known, but inestimably greater in value, newspaper to
publish it.
 ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''*Administration thinks abuse sounds better than torture**Seattle Post-Intelligencer Nov 15, 2005*ROBERT FISKSYNDICATED COLUMNIST"Prevail" is the "in" word in the United States just now. We are not goingto "win" in Iraq -- because we did that in 2003, didn't we, when we stormedup to Baghdad and toppled Saddam? Then George W. Bush declared "MissionAccomplished." So now we must "prevail." That's what F.J. "Bing" West,ex-soldier and former assistant secretary for international security affairsin the Reagan administration, said last week.Plugging his new book "No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle forFallujah," he gave a frightening outline of what lies in store for the SunniMuslims of Iraq.I was sitting a few feet from Bing -- plugging my own book -- as heexplained to the great and the good of New York how Gen. Casey was imposingcurfews on the Sunni cities of Iraq, one 

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