[Marxism] Dana Milbank

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 18 11:46:40 MST 2005

This Washington Post reporter is a refreshingly candid presence on TV talk 
shows, even more so on the newspaper's blog at 

Dana Milbank: I have the unfortunate luck this morning of following John 
Harris's chat yesterday. Harris, our political editor, retired the trophy 
for all political web chats by observing that our very senior colleague Bob 
Woodward will be eating a "turd sandwich." This strikes me as an excellent 
metaphor for covering politics, and I would like to other turd sandwiches 
to be consumed.

For example, Democratic leaders get a turd sandwich this week for failing 
to come up with a position on Iraq. Roy Blunt gets a turd sandwich for 
failing to pass the HHS spending bill yesterday (although he only has to 
eat half the sandwich because he has passed the budget bill). And the judge 
who is holding my colleague Walter Pincus in contempt for not revealing a 
source in a civil suit deserves two turd sandwiches and a side of fries.


Daytona Beach, Fla.: Len Downie just said that Washington Post reporters 
appearing on television shouldn't offer personal opinions as Bob Woodward 
did on Larry King. He also said it's OK for columnists.

You are both a reporter and a columnist. How does the rule apply to you?

Dana Milbank: It means I am allowed to give half-baked opinions on television.


Philadelphia, Pa.: How much input does Woodward have on the stories you 
cover, and how you cover them. For instance, did Woodward have anything to 
do with the recent smear that you and Pincus did of Joe Wilson?

Dana Milbank: Walter and I did the Wilson smear all by ourselves.



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